Aussie Animal Memory Game

Image of children playing memory game
Image of Australian Animal memory game by Seeds to Sow

This fantastic memory game is fun and educational! Perfect gift and great for tourists as a souvenir from our country. Lightweight and easy to post.
Each set includes 10 pairs of Australian animals/birds which are laser engraved on one side and an Australian map on the other side. Items are stored in a cute ‘Aussie’ drawstring bag with instructions on how to play the game (see below).

Size: wooden cards are 58mm square and bag approx. 150mm square.

Cost $20


This game can be played solo or with multiple players.

Turn all the pieces over and take turns flipping them up 2 at a time to find a matching pair.
If playing with more than one player, whoever matches a pair, gets another turn.
The more you can remember, the quicker you will find all the pairs!

Hint: You can make the game easier by having less pairs and placing them in rows.

There are so many benefits from playing this simple yet fun game.
It increases concentration, short term memory and attention to detail.
For younger children, it can improve their vocabulary and learn new words.
It can also improve social skills and is just fun!